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College student, Creative writing major (code for, I want to spend my life in my own made up world and have a legitimate excuse). My personality is pretty much the stumble button on google. I like Science fiction, Fantasy, Fashion, teen lit, history, hot guys, Super heroes, Anime, video games, Peanut Butter, bad bitches.

chrilliams replied to your post: Ugh. Why is men’s formal wear so incredibly boring?

tuxes SUCK

Tell me about it! Our bodies really aren’t that different from women’s. A few less curves(usually), a few more angles (hopefully) and slightly different proportions. Other traditional cultures have all kinds of fun and aesthetically pleasing garments for men. Why is Anglo-Western culture so strung up on these boring ass uniforms?

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  1. trilliamsdotcom said: I’ve always wanted to wear Indian and Thai formal wear!
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